With EBIZCALC you will be able to do many business calculations easily, not only that but ebizcalc can you help you decide what to do throught out it's reporting system, you just need to fill out inputs with the estimated or current data, and it will do the rest for you.

with EBIZCALC you will be able to :

- profit/loss calculate accurately (since the app allows you to put all your data)
- calculate break-even point
- analyze Facebook ads results
- estimate profitability of influencer's campaign
- estimate profitability of emailing's campaign,
- loan calculator
- online service's fees
- Investing calculations
- Branding KPIs
- Taxes calculator
- Warehouse calculator
- and much more...
- PS: app doesn't have No ads, No tracking scripts...

what makes it special ?

The app doesn't only calculate your desired metrics, but also gives you a help with your business decisions, what do and how to do it based on the data you provided,

Also the app doesn't contains NO ads, No in-app purchases, No tracking codes, No data collecting scripts, and NO mistakes.

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